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Tap Supply Timings Detailed Report

SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 sR BHAVAN22-3-122-3-2355:00AM TO 6:30AM 
2 SR BHAVAN22-2-4022-2-1815:00AM TO 6:30AM 
3 kapuwada22-4-13422-4-135:00AM TO 6:30AM 
4 LAXMI MEGHA TOWNSHIP22-5-1622-5-3957:30AM TO 9:30AM 
5 1ST BODRAI TO KAMAIRIWADA22-5-122-5-1797:30AM TO 9:30AM 
6 12 DIV KUMARIWADA TO YADAVANAGAR46-4-8346-4-2437:30AM TO 9:30AM 
7 SAKALIWADA TO MASJID22-6-1222-6-1307:30AM TO 9:30AM 
8 SAKALIWADA22-2-13122-2-1567:30AM TO 9:30AM 
9 SOLAWADA46-1-23246-1-2827:30AM TO 9:30AM