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SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 Indhra Colony Shyampet23-1-17523-2-57/100/1275:00AM TO 6:00AM 
2 Lotus colony, FCI Tank24-3-20124-3-77/95:30AM TO 6:30AM0
3 Bollam Street Shyampet23-1-17523-1-1236:00AM TO 7:00AM 
4 Bank colony, FCI tank24-3-8524-3-273/106:30AM TO 7:30AM0
5 Sanjiv Rao Street25-4-42225-4-5007:00AM TO 8:00AM 
6 Kothawada old line25-4-66625-4-6107:00AM TO 8:00AM 
7 sc colony, shyampet23-5-7223-4-187:00AM TO 8:00AM 
8 padmashali function, shyampet23-6-5123-5-1598:00AM TO 9:00AM 
9 main road shyampet23-6-5123-6-74/29:00AM TO 10:00AM 
10 Shanthamma Teku Trees25-4-67425-1-1/19:00AM TO 10:00AM 
11 KothaWada Old Line Somidi Road25-4-66625-4-6107:30AM TO 9:30AM 
12 Sanjeeva Rao Street Vishnupuri25-4-42225-4-5007:30AM TO 9:30AM 
13 subhash street shyampet23-6-123-6-59/4409:30AM TO 11:00AM 
14 Shanthamma Street,Teak Wood Street25-4-67425-1-1/109:30AM TO 11:00AM 
15 Jendala Street,Keerala Street,Darga24-5-13924-5-29009:30AM TO 11:00AM 
16 Kudhoos Street,Narasimaha Rao Street Darga24-6-19024-5-18011:00AM TO 12:30PM 
17 Vidhya Nagar and ThikakNagar25-6-30825-7-30811:00AM TO 12:30PM 
18 Vishnupuri25-5-224/225-7-162/25.00AM TO 7.00AM0
19 Afzal Nagar and Fakeer Wada24-1-124-1-1715.00AM TO 7.00AM 
20 Vishnupuri25-5-22425-7-162/25:00AM TO 7:00AM 
21 Afzal Nagar, Fakir wada darga24-1-124-1-1795:00AM TO 7:00AMDay2
22 Rehamath nagar25-4-601-2-27312:30PM TO 1:30PM 
23 JSM colony shyampet23-1-1823-6-270/312:30PM TO 1:30PM 
24 Mankali Temple Street & Govt School Street Somidi25-5-11925-2-1161:30PM TO 2:30PM 
25 Ice cream colony kazipet25-4-3971-2-1061:30PM TO 2:30PM 
26 GP Office Yadhava Nagar Govt School24-1-22124-2-75/1/A1:30PM TO 2:30PM 
27 dolli mallaih old line bapuji nagar25-4-6125-4-94/12:30PM TO 4:00PM 
28 kAZIPET mAIN rOAD25-7-1041-2-394:00PM TM 5:00PM 
29 Govt Hospital Shyampet23-1-17523-3-1034:00PM TM 5:00PM 
30 St.Johns school1-3-31-2-1604:00PM TM 5:00PM 
31 vishnupuri vinayaka temple25-4-38425-4-1574:00PM TM 5:00PM 
32 Bodagutta Kazipet1-10-81-10-125/A4:00PM TM 5:00PM 
33 kRISHNA nAGAR cOLONY kAZIPET25-6-2821-4-1266:00PM TO 7:00PM 
34 gP Office Keerala Street Somidi25-3-11325-3-6507:30PM TO 8:30PM 
35 hanuman nagar sc colony somidi25-2-7625-1-908:30PM TO 10:00PM 
36 Hanuman Nagar SC Colony Somidi25-2-7625-1-908:30PM TO 10:00PM 
37 Ramalayam St.Anns hospital24-6-1624-6-1847:00AM TO 9:00AM 
38 Kothawada old line and Sanjiv rao street25-4-66625-4-6107:00AM TO 9:00AM 
39 sT.anns school kazipet1-6-4725-6-1505.00am to 7.00am 
40 Bapuji nagar ambedkar nagar25-6-16525-10-2705.00am to 7.00am 
41 shanthamma Teku trees street25-4-67425-1-1/19:00AM TO 11:00AM 
42 Jendalu street, kerala street darga24-5-13924-5-2909:00AM TO 11:00AM 
43 Boda gutta1-10-81-10-1253:00PM TO 5:00PM 
44 kazipet main road25-7-1041-2-393:00PM TO 5:00PM 
45 Shastri Nagar, Bheem nagar24-4-26/124-4-3123:00PM TO 5:00PMDay2
46 Ambedkar Nagar, darga24-2-2924-2-1135:00PM TO 7:00PMDay2
47 jublee market main road1-4-1121-5-1105:00PM TO 7:00PM 
48 KRISHNA NAGAR, KAZIPET25-6-2821-4-1265:00PM TO 7:00PM 
49 bapuji nagar school back line25-10-21825-11-25:00PM TO 7:00PM 
50 gp Office kerala street25-3-11325-3-6507:00PM TO 8:30PM 
51 Vijaya nagar colony kazipet1-6-8725-6-977:00PM TO 8:30PM 
52 vegitable market kazipet1-6-19625-6-777:00PM TO 8:30PM 
53 Gp office, Yadav nagar, govt school darga24-1-22124-2-75/1/A1.00 pm to 3.00 pmDay2
54 Kudhus street, Narsimha rao street, darga24-5-18024-6-19011.00 AM TO 1.00 PMDay2
55 FCI colony24-3-27624-3-35011:30AM TO 1:00PMDay2
56 Prakash reddy pet24-3-7724-3-18511:30AM TO 1:00PMDay2
57 Janakiram Street, Shyampet23-1-23/423-6-28011:00AM TO 12:OOPM0
58 J.s.m Colony, shymapet23-1-1823-6-270/312:00PM TO 1:00PMDay1
59 gandi Nagar, Sarwar Nagar darga24-1-31524-1-3597:00PM TO 9:00PMDay2
60 indira Nagar, biyabani Nagar, Harijan wada darga24-1-36824-5-3209:00PM TO 10:30PMDay2