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Tap Supply Timings Detailed Report

SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 17-3-416 downside17-3-38617-3-317/15:00AM TO 6:00AM 
2 ashoka wari line18-8-2418-8-4335:30AM TO 6:30AM 
3 thotla wada gundu bavvi18-7-19318-7-2995:30AM TO 6:30AM 
4 pochamma temple line18-5-10518-5-1225:30AM TO 6:30AM 
5 bathini sathish line18-4-2218-4-2305:30AM TO 6:30AM 
6 kamunipenta18-5-2918-5-1025:30AM TO 6:30AM 
7 tower line17-4-9017-4-1255:30AM TO 6:30AM 
8 laxmi nagar18-7-17618-7-3335:30AM TO 6:30AM 
9 kareemabad main road17-5-7518-4-845:30AM TO 6:30AM 
10 Nanamiyathota CPM huts17-3-44517-3-4465:30AM TO 6:30AM 
11 global school line18-7-22218-7-2605:30AM TO 6:30AM 
12 nanamiyathoata17-3-13917-3-4455:30AM TO 6:30AM 
13 appala wari line17-2-56417-2-6005:30AM TO 6:30AM 
14 Ramaswamy temple line17-3-4517-3-1205:30AM TO 6:30AM 
15 annapurna function line16-3-68716-3-8355:30AM TO 6:30AM 
16 govt school line18-5-8318-5-3095:30AM TO 6:30AM 
17 m.sammaya line18-7-9718-7-1985:30AM TO 6:30AM 
18 dr. mallesham line18-9-3318-8-4305:30AM TO 6:30AM 
19 bandiwari line18-6-118-6-695:30AM TO 6:30AM 
20 Rudramamba nagar16-4-47316-4-196:00AM TO 7:00AM 
21 Janmabhumi junction lane16-3-51216-3-5326:00AM TO 7:00AM 
22 Laxminagar18-8-10818-8-2096:00AM TO 7:00AM 
23 Pochamma temple lane18-8-4618-8-596:00AM TO 7:00AM 
24 17-3-416 upside17-3-41617-3-2816:00AM TO 7:00AM 
25 Ambedkar bawan lane17-1-31617-1-386:00AM TO 7:00AM 
26 Kuruma wada17-3-20017-3-230/26:00AM TO 7:00AM 
27 Nanamiyathota CPM huts17-3-44517-3-445/106:30AM TO 7:30AM 
28 Abmbedkar nagar16-3-110019-12-27/7/B6:30AM TO 7:30AM 
29 Shanthinagar sudhakar area16-3-9416-3-1037:00AM TO 8:00AM 
30 Sikhs lane16-3-2016-3-19/1/A7:00AM TO 8:00AM 
31 Sakarashikunta bund16-3-2316-3-1867:00AM TO 8:00AM 
32 Bombai mill lane16-2-19618-8-367/A7:00AM TO 8:00AM 
33 Laxminagar18-8-10818-8-2097:00AM TO 8:00AM 
34 Shanthinagar mekala lane16-3-9116-3-687:00AM TO 8:00AM 
35 Shanthinagar medical shop lane16-3-24816-3-1047:00AM TO 8:00AM 
36 Beside ELSR16-3-29216-3-3057:00AM TO 8:00AM 
37 Kola bikshapathi lane18-8-32018-8-3108:00AM TO 9:00AM 
38 Harijana wada16-3-11016-3-1058/68:00AM TO 9:00AM 
39 Anna purna complex and sneha hospital lane16-3-111816-3-9348:30AM TO 9:30AM 
40 G.K Rao hotel lane16-3-111816-3-93309:30AM TO 11:00AM 
41 Vidyanagar 2nd lane16-3-96416-3-1036/510:30AM TO 11:30AM 
42 Vidyanagar lane 216-3-94216-3-859/F11:30AM TO 12:30PM 
43 Venkateshwara sanitary shop lane16-3-89216-3-89712:30PM TO 1:30PM 
44 Vengamamba complex lane16-3-88816-3-885/212:30PM TO 1:30PM 
45 Ekashilanagar and dugyala complex lanes16-3-87116-3-859/112:30PM TO 1:30PM 
46 Dugyala complex lane16-3-82216-3-7841:30PM TO 2:30PM 
47 Khammam main road and isuka adda lanes16-3-59916-3-5592:30PM TO 4:00PM 
48 Ekashila nagar16-3-86416-3-834/22:30PM TO 4:00PM