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SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 papaiahpet Chaman13-1-113-1-995:00AM TO 6:00AM 
2 ramannapet pedda mori area15-7-7715-7-2765:00AM TO 6:00AM 
3 papaiahpet chaman13-1-113-1-995:00AM TO 6:00AM 
4 papaiahpet chaman13-1-251end of the block5:00AM TO 6:00AM 
5 papaiahpet chaman13-8-113-8-195:00AM TO 6:00AM 
6 ramannapet15-11-115-11-2315:00AM TO 6:00AM 
7 ramannapet15-9-7715-10-855:00AM TO 6:00AM 
8 Ramannapet15-8-12215-9-765:00AM TO 6:00AM 
9 BEET BAZAR & HUNTER ROAD15-6-26715-7-765:00AM TO 6:00AM 
10 RAMANNAPET12-6-43/112-7-205:00AM TO 6:00AM 
11 RAMANNAPET PEDDA MORI15-7-7715-7-2765:00AM TO 6:00AM 
12 RAMANNAPET12-5-4712-6-435:00AM TO 6:00AM 
13 BEET BAZAR12-7-21/112-7-1815:00AM TO 6:00AM 
14 ramannapet15-10-8615-10-2925:00AM TO 6:00AM 
15 ramannapet SC colony15-8-115-8-1215:00AM TO 6:00AM 
16 ramannapet15-10-29315-10-3295:00AM TO 6:00AM 
17 pinnavari street and durgeshwara temple9-10-19-10-175/35:30AM TO 6:30AM 
18 yellam bazar12-2-16912-3-1015:30AM TO 6:30AM 
19 railway gate beet bazar8-1-18-1-1265:30AM TO 6:30AM 
20 battala bazar12-1-112-1-1535:30AM TO 6:30AM 
21 battala bazar garimilla street12-2-112-2-1685:30AM TO 6:30AM 
22 Yellam bazar9-8-19-8-875:30AM TO 6:30AM 
23 beet bazar & RNT Road8-2-18-2-1355:30AM TO 6:30AM 
24 vishwakarma veedi9-9-919-9-175/15:30AM TO 6:30AM 
25 JPN road &Pinnavari street8-11-18-11-2035:30AM TO 6:30AM 
26 jPN Road8-12-18-12-1555:30AM TO 6:30AM 
27 Santhoshimatha colony and hunter road12-8-112-8-3246:00AM TO 7:00AM 
28 MANDI BAZAR & JPN ROAD9-5-659-6-644:00PM TM 5:00PM 
29 REKULAPALLY STREET13-2-112-2-1954:00PM TM 5:00PM 
30 SHERPURA13-1-10013-1-2504:00PM TM 5:00PM 
31 MOGULAIAH HALL BACK SIDE9-7-19-7-1104:00PM TM 5:00PM 
32 MATTEWADA13-5-3913-5-75/14:00PM TM 5:00PM 
33 MATTEWADA13-6-113-6-1414:00PM TM 5:00PM 
34 MATTEWADA BODRAI13-7-113-7-1124:00PM TM 5:00PM 
35 MANDI BAZAR & JPN ROAD9-5-659-6-644:00PM TM 5:00PM 
36 MANDI BAZAR& YELLAM BAZAR14-3-114-3-1274:00PM TM 5:00PM 
37 CCS& MATTEWADA13-5-113-5-384:00PM TO 5:30PM 
38 PATAK MAHAL & GOPALSWAMY TEMPLE13-4-113-4-2914:00PM TO 5:30PM 
39 PATAK MAHAL13-3-113-3-1984:00PM TO 5:30PM 
40 VENURAO COLONY14-2-114-2-1514:00PM TO 5:30PM 
41 BONDALAKUNTA14-1-114-1-189/14:00PM TO 5:30PM 
42 MANDI BAZAR14-3-12814-3-2084:00PM TO 5:30PM 
43 REKULAPALLY STREET13-2-19613-2-2234:00PM TO 5:30PM