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SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 Sahakar Nagar1-9-11281-9-12255:00AM TO 6:00AM 
2 Devi Nagar24-7-18624-7-197/A5:00AM TO 6:00AM 
3 Srinivas Colony1-7-15541-7-1664/25:00AM TO 6:00AM 
4 Ramakrishna Colony24-7-28924-7-3005:00AM TO 6:00AM 
5 Ramarao Colony1-9-12351-9-1273/585:00AM TO 6:00AM 
6 Darga 100 feet Road24-7-19224-7-2115:00AM TO 6:00AM 
7 Nandihills Rajhotel1-7-8941-7-885/85:00AM TO 6:00AM 
8 Sai Colony1-7-4324-7-3255:00AM TO 6:00AM 
9 Srinivas Colony1-7-17161-7-1818/A5:00AM TO 6:00AM 
10 Srinivas Colony1-7-18261-7-18345:00AM TO 6:00AM 
11 Pragathi Nagar Mayuri Garden24-7-22424-7-284/55:00AM TO 6:00AM 
12 Julaiwada1-7-6021-7-7466:00AM TO 7:00AM 
13 Revenue Colony1-7-1811-7-5086:00AM TO 7:00AM 
14 shanthinagar1-7-5891-7-606/16:00AM TO 7:00AM 
15 Imlipura6-3-796-3-546:00AM TO 7:00AM 
16 Sai Nagar7-1-291-8-1026:00AM TO 7:00AM 
17 Sai Nagar7-1-421-8-1046:00AM TO 7:00AM 
18 Revenue Colony1-7-4081-7-4386:00AM TO 7:00AM 
19 Balasamudram Electrical Office1-8-321-8-176:00AM TO 7:00AM 
20 Balasamudram Dena Bank1-8-1431-8-4256:00AM TO 7:00AM 
21 Kanchara Kunta6-1-2116-1-756:00AM TO 7:00AM 
22 Sai Nagar7-1-517-1-856:00AM TO 7:00AM 
23 Shanthinagar1-7-6781-7-7956:00AM TO 7:00AM 
24 Nagula Veedhi6-4-1786-3-246:00AM TO 7:00AM 
25 Balasamudram Shine School1-8-321-8-2006:00AM TO 7:00AM 
26 Balasamudram Children Park1-8-321-8-1076:00AM TO 7:00AM 
27 Kanchara Kunta6-1-2086-1-1886:00AM TO 7:00AM 
28 Sai Nagar7-1-517-8-816:00AM TO 7:00AM 
29 Advocates Colony1-7-13541-7-13066:30AM TO 7:30AM 
30 Wddera Wada1-7-13741-7-17946:30AM TO 7:30AM 
31 Julaiwada1-9-5291-9-337:00AM TO 8:00AM 
32 Pragathi Nagar1-7-1221-7-4087:30AM TO 8:30AM 
33 Pragathi Nagar1-7-3821-7-2957:30AM TO 8:30AM 
34 Advocates Colony1-7-12761-7-9608:00AM TO 9:00AM 
35 Harijanwada1-9-501-9-4308:00AM TO 9:00AM 
36 Julaiwada1-9-961-9-428:00AM TO 9:00AM 
37 Postal Colony1-9-5491-9-8839:00AM TO 10:00AM 
38 Postal Colony1-9-12621-9-11049:00AM TO 10:00AM 
39 July wada1-9-3541-9-3789:00AM TO 10:00AM 
40 July wada1-7-1861-9-679:00AM TO 10:00AM 
41 Advocates Colony1-7-12761-7-12139:30AM TO 10:30AM 
42 Hanamkonda Chowrastha6-3-266-8-1449:30AM TO 10:30AM 
43 Vidyuth Colony24-3-2991-9-6165:00AM TO 6:30AM 
44 Police Colony1-9-5851-9-64011:00AM TO 12:30PM 
45 Advocates Colony1-7-12041-7-130511:00AM TO 12:30PM 
46 Nagendra Nagar1-9-13524-3-7510:30AM TO 11:30AM 
47 Santhosh Nagar1-7-12761-7-140212:30PM TO 1:30PM 
48 Brahmanwada6-4-1786-8-24010.00 am to 11.00 am 
49 Santhosh Nagar1-7-13121-7-959/A2:00PM to 3:30PM 
50 Santhosh Nagar1-7-11711-7-10053:30PM TO 5:00PM 
51 Kuda Lane6-1-1266-1-876:00AM to 8:00AM 
52 Kuda Lane6-1-2126-1-806:00AM to 8:00AM