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Tap Supply Timings Detailed Report

SlnoLocationFrom HNoTo HNoTap TimingDay
1 adharsha colony19-6-10019-6-2045:00AM TO 6:00AM 
2 ursu harijana wada18-1-9318-1-1455:00AM TO 6:00AM 
3 ursu harijana wada18-2-318-1-745:00AM TO 6:00AM 
4 ursu road19-1-7219-5-1605:00AM TO 6:00AM 
5 kummari wada17-11-1517-11-325:30AM TO 6:30AM 
6 ursu sc colony17-5-49117-5-5525:30AM TO 6:30AM 
7 subhash water tank line17-10-31817-10-3285:30AM TO 6:30AM 
8 prathap nagar17-5-44517-5-4575:30AM TO 6:30AM 
9 kaapu wada17-5-46417-5-5105:30AM TO 6:30AM 
10 kareemabad water tank line17-5-35717-5-3865:30AM TO 6:30AM 
11 koru rama chandram line17-9-117-9-665:30AM TO 6:30AM 
12 kashikunta18-3-23818-3-2465:30AM TO 6:30AM 
13 kashikunta18-3-22418-3-2265:30AM TO 6:30AM 
14 urdu school line18-3-5818-3-2555:30AM TO 6:30AM 
15 bakshimahal18-3-10018-3-245:30AM TO 6:30AM 
16 bakshimahal18-3-10118-3-1405:30AM TO 6:30AM 
17 kashikunta18-3-27518-3-2865:30AM TO 6:30AM 
18 near library17-5-32717-5-3955:30AM TO 6:30AM 
19 kappu wada17-5-16017-5-2595:30AM TO 6:30AM 
20 kappu wada17-5-9417-5-1705:30AM TO 6:30AM 
21 kareemabad tank opp17-5-9117-5-1015:30AM TO 6:30AM 
22 sunandha hospital17-11-15817-11-2265:30AM TO 6:30AM 
23 kotha kumari wada17-11-20417-11-2065:30AM TO 6:30AM 
24 rajaka wada17-7-14617-7-1585:30AM TO 6:30AM 
25 ankam vari line17-9-8717-9-1245:30AM TO 6:30AM 
26 ursu hopital line17-11-24217-11-2375:30AM TO 6:30AM 
27 subhash nagar17-11-25817-11-3405:30AM TO 6:30AM 
28 near subhash tank lines17-11-6017-11-1635:30AM TO 6:30AM 
29 ursu colony sc colony opp line17-5-60017-5-6205:30AM TO 6:30AM 
30 ursu sc colony opp line17-5-55717-5-5715:30AM TO 6:30AM 
31 kashikunta18-3-20018-3-2145:30AM TO 6:30AM 
32 ursu sc colony17-5-63417-5-6415:30AM TO 6:30AM 
33 bakshimahal18-3-13218-3-1365:30AM TO 6:30AM 
34 ursu bodrai opp internel line18-3-15418-3-1575:30AM TO 6:30AM 
35 ursu bodrai opp line18-3-16518-1-1435:30AM TO 6:30AM 
36 near dargha17-6-6417-6-1105:30AM TO 6:30AM 
37 kummari wad17-11-8117-11-1015:30AM TO 6:30AM 
38 kareemabad tank opp17-5-1417-5-355:30AM TO 6:30AM 
39 kuruma wada17-5-10817-5-1175:30AM TO 6:30AM 
40 ursu main Road kareenbad18-1-123dargha5:30AM TO 6:30AM 
41 kashikunta pochamma temple line18-5-10318-5-1276:00AM TO 7:00AM 
42 chinna mahankali temple line17-10-32117-10-3576:00AM TO 7:00AM 
43 bakshimahal18-3-8418-3-946:00AM TO 7:00AM 
44 bakshimahal18-3-11118-3-1176:00AM TO 7:00AM 
45 ursu dargha opp line17-8-1517-8-1476:00AM TO 7:00AM 
46 athma ramulu line17-10-21417-10-2416:00AM TO 7:00AM 
47 ursu hopital opp line17-11-10917-11-1196:00AM TO 7:00AM 
48 bakshimahal18-3-20018-3-2996:00AM TO 7:00AM 
49 kuntla wada19-8-7419-8-1267:00AM TO 8:30AM 
50 kurumawada19-8-3219-8-927:00AM TO 8:30AM 
51 kurumawada19-7-10019-6-1637:00AM TO 8:30AM 
52 katikawada19-7-6119-7-747:00AM TO 8:30AM 
53 komati bazar19-5-3719-9-1317:00AM TO 8:30AM 
54 nehru statue line19-7-9119-8-1537:00AM TO 8:30AM 
55 pallam ravi area16-1-95016-1-9911:30PM TO 2:30PM 
56 S.R.R Thota keerthi bar16-1-8816-1-14911.00 am to 12.00 pm 
57 durgha matha temple line16-1-86916-1-90011.00 am to 12.00 pm 
58 bandari satyam line16-1-86016-1-73511.00 am to 12.00 pm 
59 kapu wada19-5-12719-5-1675.00am to 6.30am 
60 ramalayam line19-5-17019-3-505.00am to 6.30am 
61 bagguri wada19-1-12619-1-855.00am to 6.30am 
62 rangasaipet19-6-14719-6-575.00am to 6.30am 
63 water tank line19-5-5019-5-1685.00am to 6.30am 
64 bhagath nagar16-1-111016-1-10992:00PM to 3:30PM 
65 burraial ground16-1-23016-1-2882:00PM to 3:30PM