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  Warangal a Great Historical City in Telangana State. The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation, Warangal is striving for increasing greenery in this historical city. As a part of this massive programme the Corporation is taking up development of Parks, open Spaces. But without public participation no programme will succeed. To encourage the citizens to take part in tree plantation directly, Green Legacy Project has been coined by the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation. All you have to do is selecting any occasion as per your wish pay @ Rs.1116/- for Big Avenue Plant or Rs.516/- for Fruit/Flowering plant in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation Mee-Seva or through on line and plant tree at Green Legacy Park located at Waddepally Bund besides PGR Garden on 100’ Road.


  The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation is continuously in pursuit of development of Greenery in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation limits with people’s active participation. The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation has coined one more concept of ‘Adopt a Plant’ to draw the people’s attention to encourage them to own a plant planted by Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation at Green Legacy Autonagar. To commemorate any occasion or in memories of your near or dear you can adopt a plant. For this all you have to do is pay Rs.1116/- in any mee-seva centre or through on line and visit the Green Legacy at Autonagar and adopt a plant. All the Citizens in Warangal are requested to utilise the opportunity by participating in this “Haritha Yajnam”.


  In Astrology there are 12 Zodiac signs. As per Varaha Mahira’s Jyotisha Shastra there are 12 trees represent each one of them. Like birth star the plant will also have impact on the person. If a man/women plants/worships a tree/Plant associated with his/her Rasi he/she is blessed with GoodLuck and prosperity. The GWMC has arranged this great facility to its citizens at Rasi Vanam at Waddepally Bund. The plants pertaining to each Rasi are kept at that location. If any citizen wishes to plant/worship a tree suits his/her Rasi to improve his/her luck or prosperity, he/she can do so. For that he/she has to pay Rs.1116/- at GWMC Mee-seva Centres or on-line and visit GWMC Rasi Vanam located at Waddepally Bund and plant tree that suits to his/her Rasi, and avail benefit of Goodluck and prosperity.

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