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E-Office Pendency Detailed Report (Tax Section)

Slnoe-Comp Noe-File NoSubjectRecieved OnPending Days
1 83038REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/53/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0260/2019 B/F H/NO/18-3-175 B.LAXMI19-JAN-1912
2 83006REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/34/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0438/2019 C/N H.NO.19-10-1/5/A HALEEMA ATHER07-JAN-1912
3 83005REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/33/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0437/2019 C/N H.NO. 19-10-2/2 HALEEMA ATHER19-JAN-1912
4 83028REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/45/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0053/2019 C/N H.NO.19-11-389 ANEES FIRDOUSE15-JAN-1912
5 81907REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1474/2018-A3 CIR-IA3/34910/2018 C/N ON H.NO.18-3-68, MOHAMMED ALI08-JAN-1911
6 83159REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/68/2019-SR AST2 TAX CR1MUTATION OF 16-1-24 of THOTA SUNITHA OF A1/0550/201919-JAN-1910
7 83334REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/97/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0722/2019 C/N ON H.NO.19-9-200, I ANITHA18-JAN-199
8 83335REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/98/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0795/2019 C/N ON H.NO.19-3-147, K ARUN KUMAR18-JAN-199
9 75898REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/813/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/ 25039/2018 18-4-34 K SHARADHA C/N11-JAN-198
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