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E-Office Pendency Detailed Report (Tax Section)

Slnoe-Comp Noe-File NoSubjectRecieved OnPending Days
1 82428REV-RP0CY(H123)/543/2018-A4 CIR IC.NO1/A4/35565/2018 ENUGULA SRINIVAS REDDY H.NO 31-3-2276 RP16-JAN-194
2 80210REV-RP0CY/11/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:7-2-17716-JAN-194
3 82236REV-RP0CY(H123)/537/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/35242/2018 13-5-125 RP N SUDEER16-JAN-194
4 74520REV-RP0CY(H123)/383/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:6-6-5616-JAN-194
5 74876REV-RP0CY(H123)/404/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:6-1-128/216-JAN-194
6 74605REV-RP0CY(H123)/389/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:6-6-5818-JAN-194
7 78506REV-RP0CY(H123)/480/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:6-2-166/A17-JAN-193
8 82241REV-RP0CY(H123)/538/2018-A4 CIR IC.NO1/A4/35232/2018 P.MADHUSUDHAN REDDY H.NO 6-2-185 RP17-JAN-193
9 67624REV-RP0CY(H123)/278/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno 6-2-29517-JAN-193
10 75038REV-RP0CY(H123)/415/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno:6-8-21917-JAN-193
11 82868REV-RP0CY(H123)/7/2019-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/0029/2019 14-5-98 RP MOHD ABDUL WAJID19-JAN-191
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