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E-Office Pendency Detailed Report (Tax Section)

Slnoe-Comp Noe-File NoSubjectRecieved OnPending Days
1 82416REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1523/2018-SR AST2 TAX CR1A3/35073/2018 C/N ON H.NO.16-6-110/1, D HYAMAVATHI16-JAN-194
2 83024REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/41/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0124/2018 C/N H.NO.33-6-203/1 G.KANAKALAXMI16-JAN-194
3 82126REV-MUT0NR(CIR1)/22/2018-SR AST2 TAX CR1A1/35138/2018 C/N ON H.NO.16-3-654/A, P SARITHA16-JAN-194
4 83033REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/50/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/35842/2018 C/N H.NO.19-10-233/2 N.PADMA16-JAN-194
5 82636REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/5/2019-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/35701/2018 49-2-95 C/N NERELLA ANIL KUMAR16-JAN-194
6 83034REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/51/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/35843/2018 C/N H.NO.19-5-165/4 P.CHAITANYA18-JAN-193
7 83021REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/38/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0292/2018 C/N H.NO.19-6-155 B.RAMADEVI16-JAN-193
8 75704REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/805/2018-SR AST2 TAX CR1C/N 16-6-194 A1/23836/18 M.ANUDEEP17-JAN-193
9 82477REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1526/2018-SR AST2 TAX CR1C/N 16-1-1054/2 A1/ 35202/2018,BATTI PREM SING ,BATTI MEENA BAI,16-JAN-193
10 82834REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/19/2019-A4 CIR IC.NO1/A4/0181/2019 MOHD KUTHBUDDIN H.NO 31-3-1772 CHANGE OF NAME16-JAN-193
11 83347REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/102/2019-A4 CIR IC.NO1/A4/0887/2019 H.NO 31-3-1053 TATIKONDA RAGHUVEER CHANGE OF NAME18-JAN-193
12 82172REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1492/2018-SR AST2 TAX CR1CHANGE OF NAMES NALIVELA KUMARASWAMY A1/35023/2018 H NO 16-9-37016-JAN-193
13 83073REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/56/2019-A4 CIR IC.NO1/A4/0409/2019 DHARASOTHU SUBHADRA H.NO 31-3-1572 CHANGE OF NAME16-JAN-193
14 79695REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/1252/2018-A1CIR IImutation hno:28-5-27617-JAN-192
15 75638REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/875/2018-A1CIR IIMUTATION hno.28-5-24418-JAN-192
16 73060REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/705/2018-A1CIR IIreduction of property tax hno 7-7-19217-JAN-192
17 83029REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/46/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0072/2019 C/N H.NO.11-30-236 B.KOMURAMMA19-JAN-191
18 81436REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1402/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/34349/2018 15-3-79 C/N TAKUR MEERA BAI19-JAN-191
20 83176REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/72/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0492/2019 C/N ON H.NO.11-24-427, V SWARNA LATHA19-JAN-191
21 81038REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1365/2018-A4 CIR IC.No1/A4/33564/2018 Paramkusham Ananth H.NO 7-1-84/G/3 C/N18-JAN-191
22 83814REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/146/2019-SR AST2 TAX CR1MUTATION OF 16-3-318/IVF505, A1/1384/2019, PANDRANGI BHANOJI RAMESH19-JAN-190
23 69548REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/438/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/16564/2018 12-2-5 AND 12-2-5/1 NOTICE REPLY KASAM PUNNAM CHANDER19-JAN-190
24 78140REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/1099/2018-SR AST1 TAX CIImutation 31-3-146119-JAN-190
25 79702REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/1258/2018-A1CIR IIMUTATION hno.51-5-6419-JAN-190
26 79703REV-MUT0RES(CIR2)/1259/2018-A1CIR IIMUTATION hno.51-5-6519-JAN-190
27 79164REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/1189/2018-A3 CIR-IA3/30721/2018 C/N ON H.NO.11-22-756, R RAGHU TEJA19-JAN-190
28 83805REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/145/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/1346/2019 C/N ON H.NO.46-4-196/1, S KRISHNA MURTHY20-JAN-190
29 73542REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/628/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1A2/21702/2018 12-2-144 RAVULAPALLI KOUSHIK C/N19-JAN-190
30 83724REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/137/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/1346/2019 /N ON H.NO.22-1-71/2, CH KALYANI19-JAN-190
31 83179REV-MUT0RES(CIR1)/75/2019-A3 CIR-IA3/0667/2019 C/N ON H.NO.46-5-525, M ANASURYA19-JAN-190
32 44563REV-IGMT0RES(CIR1)/706/2017-SR AST2 TAX CR1IGRS C/N 16-3-316/1 A1/16124/17 SAMALA RAMADEVI16-JAN-194
33 81060REV-IGMT0RES(CIR2)/1143/2018-A1CIR IIMUTATION hnO.16-4-1352/1 shivanangar19-JAN-191
34 63292REV-IGMT0RES(CIR1)/520/2018-SR AST1 TAX CR1IGRS A2/8642/18 14-8-220 C/N V PRAMEELA AND OTHERS18-JAN-191
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