Ever since the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2000 were established, every Urban Local body has been working to achieve the same. After a decade of MSWM Rules most ULB’s are still looking for strategies and few ULB’s who managed to achieve limited success are looking for strategies to sustain it. With Human Resource, Technology and Funds we are all collectively searching for the correct methods and sustainable solutions. Whatever quick fixes we have now is not holistic. These strategies are neither addressing the source as well as dynamic management of resource.

Consultants and Field level experts who have over two decades of rich experience working in different parts of our country and AP have conceived an innovative campaign to tackle this challenge: The Clean Cities Championship Campaign. The key feature of this campaign is to empower the key players - the field level functionaries.

Govt. Intervention:

The leadership of Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS., Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., has brought in out of box thinking for innovative approaches to the age old problems.

He has encouraged and motivated the municipal functionaries to move towards ‘No Dump’ cities with a vision to make the quality of life and environment in our ULB’s better.

Warangal is the First Municipal Corporation in our country to Host this campaign, by inviting 150 teams from Hyderabad and Warangal regions. WMC will provide all the infrastructure and tool, vehicles and machinery and their functionaries. The entire campaign expenses will be sponsored by AP Pollution Control Board.

Campaign @ WMC will be between 10th and 17th of October 2012.
Key Features of the campaign:
  • 150 teams from WMC and 150 teams from other ULBs will compete in the championship
  • D-2-D segregated collection of Dry & Wet waste will be through specially designed pushcarts / bins
  • Dry Resource collected by all teams will be sent for sorting, packing at Resource Recovery Centre
  • Wet Resource collected will be further processed by windrow composting at ‘Madikonda’
  • Vegetable market & slaughter waste will be processed for gas generation and vermi-composting
The clean cities championship campaign is one such innovative approach which aims to:
  1. Bring learning from training halls to practical field level experiential learning, which is competitive and participatory.
  2. Achieve to tackle the root cause of the problems – Collection and Segregation at source
  3. Create change in the public mindset and make them active partners with ULB functionaries
  4. Establish a new system and the first step towards realizing 'No Dumping'
  5. 5. Motivate key stakeholders – the host municipal functionaries to take ownership and solve their own problems with the support of experts
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